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Fall Foliage in the Southeast - Typical Fall Color Peak Periods


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North Carolina - Peak Fall Color Guide
Elk Knob State Park, located northeast of Boone, North Carolina

Elk Knob State Park, located northeast of Boone, North Carolina

Photo by Bill Russ: Courtesy of the North Carolina Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development
North Carolina's earliest and most vibrant fall foliage occurs in the beautiful mountains, located in the western part of the state, although leaf peepers may also enjoy very nice fall color a little later in the season in many areas of the North Carolina Piedmont. Because of the high elevation of many of the North Carolina mountains, some of the tallest in the eastern United States, the peak fall foliage period in the higher areas usually precedes peak foliage periods in many more northerly regions. Based on past averages, the typical best times to see North Carolina's fall foliage are:
  • Western North Carolina Highest Elevations - Late September to Early October
  • Western North Carolina - Early to Mid October
  • Western to Central North Carolina - Mid October to Late October
  • Central North Carolina - Late October to Early November
Additional North Carolina Fall Foliage Information:Reminder: These average peak periods are based on previous years and do not necessarily reflect the peak fall foliage periods of the current year. In order to avoid disappointment, be sure to obtain updated fall foliage information before making you final travel plans.

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