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Virginia Beach Restaurants - A Culinary Adventure


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Fresh Local Seafood, Organic Farm-Fresh Produce, Flavorful Smoked Hams and More
Aqua Restaurant's steamed seaside clams; Photo: © 2011 Sheridan Alexander, licensed to About.com

Aqua Restaurant's steamed seaside clams with white wine, tomatoes, garlic, parsley and julienne vegetables - More about Aqua Restaurant on Page 5

Photo: © 2011 Sheridan Alexander, licensed to About.com, Inc.

A four-day culinary adventure to the Virginia Beach area introduced us to over 20 restaurants and specialty food shops to enjoy many of the local flavors of this bountiful region, famous for its plentiful seafood, smoked hams, and farm-fresh agricultural heritage. During our visit, we tasted such delights as local oysters and clams, barbecued shrimp, just-caught fish dishes, crab lollipops, smoked country ham on fluffy sweet potato biscuits, hearty Brunswick Stew, fresh-baked pastries and breads, banana pancakes, a favorite local carrot cake, lavender ice cream, deliciously creative salads, hand-crafted beers and green cocktails, as well as many other local specialties.

If you are planning your own food adventure or a visit to Virginia Beach, it is truly worth your while to choose area restaurants that buy local with an emphasis on freshness and sustainability. To help you get started, here are brief descriptions of the places we dined and shopped, each selected to highlight the diverse and flavorful specialties of this unique region.
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