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November Weather in the Southeast U.S.


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Overview of November Weather in the Southeast

Average November Temperatures
Average high November temperature across the Southeast range from the mid 50s to the low 70s, while low averages dip down to the 30s and 40s. Still, nice summer-like days can be enjoyed occasionally in some of the coastal and interior areas as the first signs of winter snow appear in the mountains. November is one of the months where at some mountain resorts, visitors are able to ski and play golf on the same day.

State-by-State Average November Weather Information
The following pages contain average November temperature and rainfall information for several popular tourist destinations in different areas of:

Hurricane Season
Hurricane season, June 1 - November 30, historically sees on the rare tropical storm during November. Each year is different, however, and any hurricane or severe storm warnings should be heeded whenever they are issued.

November Atlantic Ocean Water Temperatures
Average November Atlantic Ocean water temperatures dip to the mid 50 degree marks around Virginia and 60 degrees around North and South Carolina with some areas farther south reaching right around the 70 degree mark. A great month for fishing, November waters are generally too cold for swimming.

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