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Arlington National Cemetery


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Overview and Visitor Information
Sunrise at Arlington National Cemetery

Sunrise at Arlington National Cemetery

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arlington National Cemetery
More than 300,000 people are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, including veterans from the American Revolution up to the present. In addition to in-ground burial, Arlington National Cemetery has a large columbarium with over 38,500 niches for cremated remains. Future plans provide for over 60,000 niches with capacity for more than 100,000 remains.

Approximately 6,400 burials are conducted annually with an average of 28 a day, including interments and inurnments. While there are some restrictions for in-ground burial, any honorably discharged veteran is eligible for inurnment in the columbarium.

Arlington National Cemetery receives more than four million visitors each year. Whether paying tribute to a lost family member or friend or taking a journey through history, a visit to the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery is a powerful and memorable experience.

Admission and Hours

Admission to Arlington National Cemetery is free and open to the public everyday of the year:
  • April 1 - September 30 from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.

  • October 1 - March 31 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Arlington National Cemetery is one of only two national cemeteries maintained by the Department of the Army. Welcome signs remind visitors that they are on hallowed grounds and request respectful and dignified conduct at all times. The cemetery does not provide wheelchairs or strollers. Visitors who require these services must bring their own equipment.

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