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Charleston, South Carolina - Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Things to Do


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Charleston Dining and Culinary Events
Charleston restaurants and cuisine; Photo Credit: © 2007 George Alexander

Charleston's great regional and international cuisine is a major attraction for many visitors.

Photo Credit: © 2007 George Alexander, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Long known as a top destination for classic Southern favorites and regional Lowcountry specialties like shrimp and grits or Frogmore Stew, Charleston is also home to many fine restaurants that feature international flavors. Besides the hundreds of great dining options, there are other ways to enjoy Charleston's culinary scene including special food themed festivals and events, cooking classes, food tours and more:
  • Charleston Restaurants - Browse this list of featured Charleston restaurants.
  • Culinary Tours - Culinary Tours of Charleston highlights South Carolina's rich culinary heritage with a few different options for guided culinary adventures.
  • Cooking Classes and Seminars - Take a recreational cooking class to learn about an array of cooking skills and styles, with options for cooks of all levels.
  • Charleston's Seasonal Farmers Market - Open seasonally on Saturday mornings, this outdoor market at Marion Square is a great place to explore Charleston's fresh local produce, plants, herbs and cut flowers. Also enjoy breakfast and lunch vendors, local artisans' arts and crafts, live entertainment and more.
Charleston Food Festivals and Events - There are many seasonal food festivals and special events to enjoy throughout the year in Charleston. Many visitors plan their travel dates to coincide with a favorite festival. A sampling of delicious food related annual events includes: Previous Page - Charleston Guided Tours | Next Page - Charleston Area Plantations

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