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Southern Food Gifts

Enjoy a Taste of the Southeast US


One of the great pleasures of a visit to the Southeast is being able to enjoy good Southern cuisine, from down home comfort food to sophisticated gourmet farm to table creations. These Southern food gift ideas highlight a few traditional favorites for a taste of the South anytime. For special occasion and holiday gifts or to take along as host or hostess gifts when visiting family and friends in the Southeast, these tasty Southern treats range from sweet to spicy with something for just about everyone.

Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake

Georgetown Cupcakes - Holiday Selection
Photo: PriceGrabber
A great gift or a treat for your own special occasion, these cupcakes from one of the most famous cupcake bakeries in the world are made by hand and shipped direct from the bakery. Options include specially selected cupcakes for the holidays, birthdays and other celebrations, as well as several popular flavor choices. For a taste of the South, try a dozen of the decadent red velvet cupcakes, known as the Love Dozen - Compare Prices. Or, for more options, click below.
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Paula Deen Gifts of Spices, Sauces, Sweets and More

Photo of Paula Deen Spice Collection
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The Paula Deen Store is located in the heart of Savannah, adjacent and connecting to the famous Lady and Sons restaurant at 102 West Congress Street. Any Savannah visit for fans of the Queen of Southern Cuisine will not be complete without a stop at the store to find a few gifts and souvenirs, including some of Paula Deen's spices, sauces, sweets and more. If you can't wait for your next visit to Savannah, you can always purchase Paua Deen food gifts online.
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Red Velvet Cake

Photo of Red Velvet Cake
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Elegant, decadent and oh so Southern, the popularity of red velvet cake has skyrocketed during the past few years. As a wonderful gift or a memorable dessert for any special occasion meal, including birthday parties, holiday entertaining, romantic dinner parties and more, this listing of red velvet cakes offers options in various sizes and price ranges.
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Smithfield Hams

Photo of a Smithfield Ham
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Known worldwide, Smithfield Hams have been an American tradition for generations. Visitors to the Williamsburg - Hampton Roads areas of Virginia may visit one of two Genuine Smithfield Ham Shoppes: the original at 224 Main Street in historic Smithfield and a second store 421 Prince George Street in Williamsburg's Merchant's Square. In addition to Genuine Smithfield Hams, the stores carry Virginia peanuts, wines, gourmet specialties, pig collectibles, and more. Smithfield Hams may also be ordered online.
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River Street Sweets

Photo of River Street Sweets Pralines
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Savannah's River Street Sweets, with several locations around the Southeast U.S. makes delicious peanut and pecan brittle, incredible pralines and many other sweet treats. Special occasion and holiday gift boxes and baskets are available as well for gift giving.
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Moravian Sugar Cookies

Photo of Moravian Sugar Cookies
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No visit to Old Salem in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is complete without a visit to a Moravian bakery, where you will find authentic freshly baked Moravian treats, including the famous paper-thin Moravian cookies, Moravian Sugar Cakes, Moravian Lovefeast Buns and more. If you are not planning to be in the area, you may purchase an array of delicious sugar cookie flavors online.
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Virginia Peanuts

Photo: PriceGrabber
Produced mostly in Virginia and North Carolina, Virginia Peanuts are large and flavorful. Great to have on hand for casual entertaining or for snacking at home and on road trips, they also make nice gifts. Available salted, unsalted and honey roasted.
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Savannah Bee Company Artisanal Honeys (and Natural Body Care Products)

Savannah Bee Company
Photo: © Savannah Bee Company
Located in Savannah, the internationally known Savannah Bee Company produces rare artisanal honeys and natural body care products that make delicious, soothing and healthy gifts. From beautiful and completely edible honeycomb to elegant Tupelo honey, described as liquid sunshine and unique varieties of everyday honey, there are many wonderful options. The natural hand and body care products are equally tempting. Visit the Savannah Bee Company's Flagship Store at 104 West Broughton Street, just a few blocks from City Market in Savannah. Savannah Bee Company products may be purchased online as well.
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Byrd Cookie Company - Savannah, Georgia

Byrd Cookie Company
Photo: Courtesy of Byrd Cookie Company
Byrd Cookie Company, a Savannah tradition since 1924, sells a variety of cookies in popular flavors like Key Lime, Red Velvet and Georgia Peach or traditional Lowcountry Benne (sesame) Wafers. Cookies are packed in lovely decorative tins depicting regional scenes and decorative motifs that make wonderful gifts and souvenirs. Other items include cheese biscuits, preserves, dressings, salsas and gift items. Many visitors to Savannah enjoy a stop at the Byrd Gourmet Marketplace, a retail store and showcase for the company's complete line located at 6700 Waters Avenue. A viewing window allows visitors to observe the actual baking process. Also, Byrd Cookie Company products are available online.
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Jack Daniel’s® Old No. 7 Brand Whiskey Praline Pecans

Whiskey Praline Pecans
Photo: PriceGrabber
These special Tennessee praline pecans, flavored with Jack Daniel's® Old No. 7 Brand Whiskey make a great hostess gift, after dinner treat with coffee and a spirited holiday gift.
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Smith Island Cake

Smith Island Cakes
Photo: © Copyright Somerset County Tourism
Named the State Dessert of Maryland in 2008, the traditional Smith Island Cake is a multi-layer yellow cake, usually eight to ten thin layers, with chocolate frosting between each layer and covering the cake. As more people have learned about this time-honored Chesapeake tradition and popularity has grown, many bakers have expanded the flavor selections to include other options such as banana, orange, chocolate-peanut butter, coconut and many others. Not all, but several Smith Island Cake vendors will ship cakes out of the area. To find a list of Smith Island cake makers, visit the Somerset County Tourism Website.

Chocolate Shops Featuring Hand Made Chocolates

Photo of the University Building Collection from The Historical Chocolate Co.
Photo: Courtesy of The Historical Chocolate Co., Fairfax, Virginia
Visit my round up of all things chocolate to find out about several great places in the Southeast to buy hand made chocolates including, among other tasty treats, the delicious bourbon fudge (possibly the best fudge in the world) from the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky and the yummy Pecan Pralines made by hand at Savannah's Candy Kitchen. Read more...

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