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With approximately four acres of floor space or roughly 174,240 square feet, Biltmore House of Biltmore Estate is the largest house in America. This magnificent French Renaissance chateau contains 250 rooms complete with 65 fireplaces, 34 bedrooms, an indoor pool, a bowling alley and more.

Filling the rooms are priceless treasures including paintings by some of the world's most highly esteemed artists such as Renoir, Sargent and Whistler. In the salon, a gaming table and chess set, once owned by Napoleon, are displayed and Ming Dynasty goldfish bowls grace the 10,000 volume library. Covering the marble and oak flooring are 50 exquisite Persian and Oriental rugs, while fine 16th-century tapestries adorn the walls.

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The centerpiece of Biltmore Estate, Biltmore House is a 250-room French Renaissance-style château.French Renaissance-style Château - The Centerpiece of Biltmore EstateThe Library in Biltmore House holds approximately 10,000 of Vanderbilt's more than 23,000 volumes.The Library at Biltmore HouseThe Banquet Hall is 72 feet long, 42 feet wide and 70 feet high. It could seat up to 64 guests.The Banquet Hall at Biltmore HouseMost of the cooking was done in the Main Kitchen.The Main Kitchen at Biltmore House
George Vanderbilt's bedroom enjoys spectacular views of the estate and 22k gold leaf on the walls.Mr. Vanderbilt's Bedroom at Biltmore HouseMrs. Vanderbilt's Bedroom is decorated with sumptuous cut velvet and silk fabrics.Mrs. Vanderbilt's Room at Biltmore HouseThe Walled Garden below Biltmore House features more than 40,000 Dutch tulips.Tulip Display at Biltmore EstateEach fall, the Walled Garden's pattern beds are filled with a profusion of chrysanthemums.The Walled Garden at Biltmore Estate
Long Lake in the Biltmore Estate vineyards shrouds the vines in early morning mist.Biltmore Estate Vineyards in the Morning MistA self-guided visit to Biltmore Estate Winery ends in the tasting room.Biltmore Estate Winery Tasting RoomBiltmore Estate Fly-fishing SchoolFly-fishing at the Lagoon on Biltmore EstateCarriage rides at Biltmore Estate offer spectacular views of Biltmore House.Carriage Rides Offer Spectacular Views of Biltmore House
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