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Biltmore Estate - Ten Fun Things to Do During Your Biltmore Visit


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Biltmore Guided Specialty Tours
A rooftop view enjoyed during the Biltmore Rooftop Tour;  Photo: Courtesy of George Alexander

The Biltmore House Rooftop Tour provides up close views of the amazing roof, balconies and the wild menagerie of gargoyles and grotesques, as well as striking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Photo: Courtesy of George Alexander
In addition to the Biltmore House Audio Tour, there are several very interesting guided tours which explore the history, art and architecture, lifestyle, landscaping and gardens and other in-depth topics about Biltmore Estate and the Vanderbilt family. These specialty tours provide added insight into George Vanderbilt's vision for Biltmore Estate, the challenges encountered throughout its history and much more.

Most of the specialty tours require advanced reservations, some are seasonal and most require an extra fee in addition to Estate admission. Well worth the cost, I highly recommend considering one or more of the specialty guided tours to enhance your visit. To find out more about Biltmore Specialty tours, visit the Biltmore Estate Official Website.

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