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Dorothy's House at Emerald Mountain's Land of Oz
Dorothy's House at Emerald Mountain's the Land of Oz; Photo by Cynthia Keller / Courtesy of Emerald

Dorothy's House in the Land of Oz at Emerald Mountain

Photo by Cynthia Keller / Courtesy of Emerald Mountain
Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Wizard of Oz fans may not be able to resist a chance to vacation in this scaled farmhouse replica, located, not in Kansas, but in the mountains of North Carolina. The house, which sleeps two to four people, is best suited for couples or families with older children since the layout and furnishings are not toddler proof. Pets, including Toto, are not allowed.

Once home to The Land of Oz, a small and somewhat quirky movie themed attraction, Emerald Mountain is a 400 acre community in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. The Land of Oz park operated from 1970 to 1980. While much of the original park is now gone, several of the themed areas have been restored including Dorothy's farm, the yellow brick road, gardens, gazebos, a fountain and more. Every fall, there is an Autumn at Oz party, which features Wizard of Oz characters, music, food, memorabilia and a chance to return to Oz.

Beech Mountain, the town with the highest elevation in eastern America, is a year round vacation destination with winter skiing, fishing, hiking, golf, wildlife and many nearby attractions. It is located in the Southern Appalachian Highlands of northwestern North Carolina, near the North Carolina and Tennessee state line.

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