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Unique Hotels, Vacation Rentals and Other Unusual Lodging in the Southeast US


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For Travelers Looking for Something a Little (or a Lot) Out of the Ordinary
The Cotton Gin Inn - Clarksdale, Mississippi; Photo Credit:  Courtesy of the Shack Up Inn - Cotton G

Rooms in the Cotton Gin Inn are created from former cotton bins. (See Page 2 for more information.)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Shack Up Inn - Cotton Gin Inn
Sometimes, where you choose to stay during your travels significantly enhances your experiences and adds an extra element of interest to you memories. Known for its diverse patchwork of unique regional cultures and landscapes, the Southeast U.S. is in no short supply of unusual, quirky or downright strange lodging options as well.

For travelers looking for a unique hotel, an off-beat rental property or other unusual places to rest your head, visit the following pages to read more about:

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