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The Virginia Beach Boardwalk - Information and Photos of Things to See and Do


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The Boardwalk at Virginia Beach: Three Miles of Oceanfront Fun
The Virginia Beach Boardwalk on an early April afternoon

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk on an early April mid-week afternoon

Photo Credit: © 2007 George Alexander, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Virginia Beach visitors have been making memories on the famous oceanfront Boardwalk for decades upon decades. First built in 1888 as a five-block, wooden-planked promenade, it has provided the setting for many a child's first sight of the seashore, countless marriage proposals and honeymoon moonlight strolls, festivals and celebrations galore or simply a nice place to enjoy the ever-changing sights, sounds and majesty of the ocean.

Following improvements to the tune of $103 million, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk of today is a three-mile concrete esplanade stretching along the oceanfront from Rudee Inlet to 40th Street. It is 28-feet wide and features an adjacent bike path to accommodate bicycles, surreys and skaters. Ramps for handicapped accessibility lead from the boardwalk to the beach at each block and wooden walkways at 8th, 17th, 24th and 30th Streets extend to the water's edge.

In addition to the many oceanfront hotels and restaurants that line the Boardwalk, there are upscale shops and street-style vendors, amusement areas, historic museums, an array of sculptures and monuments, a traditional fishing pier, live outdoor entertainment stages and much more. The following pages of this Picture-Guided Stroll on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk explore some of the fun and interesting things to see and do during your next visit to this vibrant heart of the action in the resort city of Virginia Beach.

Most of these photos were taken during a quiet mid-week afternoon visit in early April. Weekend and summer season visitors should expect to see much more activity and larger crowds. Our stroll begins close to the southern end of the Boardwalk.

First Stop Along the Boardwalk - Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum and Virginia Legends Walk

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