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Photo Gallery of Savannah Georgia - Savannah River - Talmadge ...
The Savannah River, historically important for the prosperity of Savannah, provides a picturesque backdrop for the city. The Talmadge Memorial Bridge, which ...
Photos of Savannah Georgia - Southeast US Travel - About.com
This picture gallery of things to see in Savannah, Georgia offers a preview of some of the charming architecture and sights to be enjoyed while visiting this ...
The Lynchings at Moore's Ford - Crime and Punishment - About.com
At the bridge, Harrison's car was blocked by another vehicle and a group of ... Eugene Talmadge, who was in a hotly-contested race for his fourth term at the time ...
The Missouri Compromise - Issue of Slavery - 19th Century History
Congressman James Talmadge of New York sought to amend the Missouri statehood bill ... Photograph of men on catwalk during Brooklyn Bridge construction.
70+ Brooklyn Women in History - Brooklyn, NY - About.com
... singer; Barbra Streisand, singer; Norma Talmadge,silent film actress; Marisa Tomei, actress ... Checklist: 10 Top NYC Landmarks to See from Brooklyn Bridge.

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